We make Immersive Experience Contents

Sangwha is an immersive contents production company, expanding the future of new media

Always pursuing innovation, the convergence of new technology and contents in the development of new media solutions is what Sangwha is all about. From real-time contents such as AR and VR, to the integration of immersive content, we are achieving new possibilities based on our professional capabilities.


We are a Creative Convergence Company

The entire process in one flow.

One of our key values is [Be Interactive], as we have long known that active and clear communication has a significant impact on project progress.
We are constantly interacting with experts from various fields, including planning, design, technology, and operations, to create better results.


We Built a Convergence R&D Center

Sangwha is constantly driving innovation through its own R&D center.

We enjoy working and studying actively. The number of people and projects has increased to the point where they need space to find a better solution.
Sangwha’s R&D center is the result of the challenging spirit of Sangwha people who seek and explore new innovations with a broad view beyond a given task.


HQ Office

12 Bongeunsa-ro 112gil,
Seoul, Korea 06172

R&D Center

Jungbu-daero 26-34,
Majang-myeon, Icheon-si,
Gyeonggi-do, Korea 17387

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